24.06.-5.08.2023                                                      Gruppenausstellung "May I sit?, SOX


photo: Marlene Zoë Burz

Klara Fischer, Charlotte Genser, Kristina Hajduchova, Chiara Hofmann, Marthe Lallemand, Felix Lorenz, Colin St. Mary,

Merlin Rainer, SON, Nathanael Uhlig, Darija Zubakova.

Klasse für Malerei und Grafik von Kerstin Drechsel, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig

The white seat. The empty chair. A form that looks blank and incomplete without the human being. It adapts to the human body – entirely. The cheaper the chair, the more reduced. The monobloc in its universality, expends all its substance (2kg) to support the human body. Uncompromising in terms of aesthetics and sustainability. Without the body it carries it lacks in function. In our group exhibition we try to fill the void -as artists from Leipzig- we face the absence of our bodies.